Meet Our Team

Today’s successful companies are fueled by talent, and we are no exception. Every member of our team possesses a rich knowledge of their field, an unbeatable work ethic, and most importantly of all, they love what they do. At the top in their respective fields, our people form the kind of team that, in the past, has been reserved for massive brands, at a high cost. No more.


Great leadership ensures success through understanding our clients and aligning their needs with each opportunity. Our sales organization is filled with industry experts having deep category experience you can rely on to drive strategic discussions, drive alignment internally and externally and ensure we maximize growth. Having boots on the ground provides your company the responsiveness, demonstrates your commitment to the business and possesses the account expertise required by your retail partners.

Jesse Hull

Sales Leader

Jesse has over 20 years of experience in the retail and consumer products industry. His experience ranges from private entrepreneurial  companies to multi-billion publicly traded corporations. Has a strong ability to think outside of the box and is recognized for driving Strategic Innovation and creating growth strategies, like new product categories and developing breakthrough business models generating significant new value for consumers and customers.

Jesse has successfully lead sales and customer strategy for companies at Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Dollar stores along with channel responsibility for Home Centers, eCommerce (Amazon and others) along with direct-to-consumer. On the retail side, he has held a number of strategic roles in buying, logistics, strategy, operations and finance. His experience spans across the globe to the UK, Latin America, Japan, North American, and Chinese markets.

Jesse is an athlete and loves hanging with his family and friends…as long as they are not sitting still, so bring your soccer ball, mountain bike or skateboard to the meeting!

Tim Lindt

Sales Leader

Tim defines the term retail professional with over 37 years’ experience. His background includes Food, Mass, Drug, and C-store channels. For 22 years, Tim was a buyer in Grocery and Mass, and for another 18 years in Store Operations.

Tim joined the dark side 16 years ago and has never looked back whle building a history of success and results that speak for themselves. Tim creates a priceless value to our clients with his experience across the whole process of sales, buying, store operations, merchandising, category management, category and consumer insights, pricing strategy, and private label management.

Tim has a track record in merchandising, and sales account management of outstanding sales growth, through data and insights which motivate the retailer to make decisions driven by the recommendations revealed via the data and insights.

Tim likes to spend his down time with his family and is always working on some kind of project.

David Mullican

Sales Leader

David Mullican has twenty plus years of proven results in sales, marketing, customer experience, process development, and management. He is an enthusiastic relationship builder, with a demonstrated track record of success in leading diverse teams through complex projects.

Throughout his 20+ years of CPG experience David has lead a team of retail merchandisers for the Kellogg’s Company, become a successful business owner developing and mentoring his own sales force while handling day to day ownership tasks and strategies as well as spending the last decade calling on Walmart, Sam’s and numerous other retail channels across the U.S. , Canada and Mexico for leading CPG companies.

If you can’t reach David for a minute or two he is probably out of range, cruising the lake with his kids or friends…or maybe just his own self!

Steve Kaza

Sales Leader

Steve has over 25 years of sales experience. He has called on almost any account you have ever heard of and many you have not. Steve was a pioneer working with eCommerce and developing rent-to-own and Closeouts. Additionally, he has worked with Walmart and Sam’s Club for over 20 years.

Today Steve focuses on business development for new suppliers to all divisions of Walmart and is always seeking new and  interesting products he can launch with Walmart. If you need help in Toys, Pets, Hardware, Sporting Goods or Lawn and Garden you know who to call.

Steve is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time on the water with family and friends. Some say he is almost as good a sales leader as he is a fisherman!!


In today’s world you cannot achieve your goals without understanding and considering all the information available and putting your best position forward. Because analytics and insights are so fundamental to our business, we are continuously investing in the best people on the leading edge of big data and business intelligence. While our measurement and reporting tools are complex, our analysts provide simplicity through clear insights that lead to easier decision making. In other words, they stack the data in a way that buying teams can really sink their teeth into!

Our team of analytics experts are key enablers to our sales leadership model.

Cynthia Bonner

Customer Insights & Category Management

Cynthia has 14 years of experience in crunching data and optimizing the outputs into actionable, accurate, and easily read results. Always looking to expand her knowledge base with new systems, new tools, new methods, Cynthia currently specializes in Data Analysis, Consumer Insights, Strategic Planning, ProSpace, Spectra, Nielson Data, IRI, Retail Link, Anysite/Demographics, Mapping softwares, and Category Analysis/Management.

Cynthia enjoys spending time exploring life with her family. Cynthia is always deeply involved in her community and spends time and energy to make it all it can be.

Daniel Bonner

Customer Insights and Data Visualization

Daniel has 13+ years experience as project manager, replenishment manager, retail and category analyst, business analyst, consultant, problem solver, and designer. He has worked cross-functionally in domestic and international settings both in Walmart and in the retail supplier community. His experience extends to most major retailers including, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Amazon, Family Dollar, Asda, Tesco, and more. Daniel is a learner, a teacher, a strategist, an achiever, an entrepreneur, and a jack of all trades.

Daniel enjoys life and is a talented musician with a super dope stack of kicks.


Ultimately, execution is crucial to success. Our operations team understand this maxim and ensures success by  managing all aspects of our projects, from client on-boarding, set-up and compliance all the way through to retail execution. The team makes sure everything is driven by process, bringing to bare the resources needed to work smoothly. Our operations team guides our clients through the often challenging retailer processes. Like the quarterbacks of our organization, operations is always working closely with the sales leaders and clients, and strive to move that ball forward.

Tanner Kaza

Supply Chain and Replenishment

Developed a deep skillset across the entire replenishment model, including Direct Import and Domestic Replenishment. He is heavily involved in all aspects of the supply chain and replenishment, including demand planning and store level planning. Tanner sees replenishment as core to drive the topline via forecast management and instock orders. He also is deeply involved in the new product development, item setup and quoting processes. Getting on shelf is just the beginning of the journey according to Tanner. He ensures that our accounts are aligned and successful in all aspects of business from factory to shelf.

Outside of work Tanner is busy with his young family and enjoys hoops and the gym…you can often find him catching a high school soccer game.

Brittany Stevens

Customer Compliance and Process Management

Brittany has over 10 years experience across retail including Account Management with key retailers such as Target, Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club. Brittany has extensive experience in other areas such as Project Management, Compliance, Analytics, Strategic Sales, Modular Planning, Category Insights, and Go-to Market Strategies.

She has a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industries and many US Retailers as well as Canada. She has been recognized for her proven ability to lead colleagues through change while maintaining focus on teamwork, responsibility, and quality results. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Sales, Retail, Strategic Planning, Retail Link, POL at Target, BPM at Costco, & more.

Brit is a bit of a health and fitness nut and even teaches a few classes outside the office.


This is the cornerstone of everything we do, it is our first principle. Our job is to create ways to win together. We do this by aligning our Client’s objectives and our Customer’s goals to create mutual opportunities where we can all be successful together. Our clients have entrusted us with their most strategic accounts and expect us to field the strongest team of professionals to maximize their value in the trade, this is where we define our value.

Clint Lazenby

Business Development

Clint spent over 20 years working in Fortune 100 companies to develop and ensure the business health  with the top retailers across the world.

His category experience spans across food, consumables and hardlines and he has worked with both Branded and Private Brand portfolios. His career is characterized for bringing creative solutions to complex business challenges and developing the top teams to address strategic customers. Clint has held a number of strategic roles in these organizations responsible for understanding and driving digital strategy, new formats, global customer development and new market expansion.

Clint enjoys both the thrill and challenge of life through activities like crushing the ski slopes or a 100-mile bike ride just to name a few. He and his wife might be the only people you will ever meet that specifically went to North Korea for vacation, and yes, he did change clothes, he just prefers to wear black every day.

J.D. Hayes

Digital Commerce   

JD has over 20 years experience delivering vertical sales growth across a variety of categories. He works with companies to create internal alignment to drive results. He has extensive knowledge in the area of 3-tier distribution systems, as well as, branded and private label program development.

Across the industry, JD is known for building sustainable businesses in emerging or under-performing categories by finding unique promotional methods and modular improvements.

Outside the office JD takes pride in his civic involvement, engaging with his family and finding ways to work baseball into all parts the day…now you know it’s a crack of the bat in the background of your call!