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SamsClub Now - Review/Thoughts

I’ll confess upfront…I really wanted to be blown away. Strong Points This concept store is the first of it’s kind to be rolled out by SamsClub. It is located in the Dallas TX area. Overall it has a clean and upscale look both inside and out, you really feel great with...

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Amazon’s AquiHire of Whole Foods

There has been a ton of speculation as to the rationale for this acquisition and in fact there are many reasons for doing it. The synergy that exists between Prime members and Whole Foods’ shoppers is an, ahem, prime reason. I would proffer a bit of a different spin...

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3 Reasons Suppliers Should Refocus On Walmart

Everyone has an opinion on Walmart and most seem to be that “Walmart has lost it’s way”. Walmart has changed a great deal over the past 12 to 18 months and paints a picture of why you, as a manufacturer, should be looking at them as a great strategic customer....

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